Tax and Accounting services for Bloggers, Creatives & Photographers

You need a team who can understand your taxes, accounting, and issue related to business. It is vital for your business to delegate tax and accounting work related to a CPA. That way you can focus on your business and elevate your earning.

What can we do for you ?

  • We will analyze your activity and would let you know that IRS will define your activity as a hobby or business
  • Your tax bill will no more be a surprise we will you estimated taxes
  • We will take care of your payroll, payroll taxes and self-employment taxes.
  • If you hiring a contractor we will walk through the process of engaging a contractor.
  • We will make sure that you’re maximizing your deductions and minimize your tax liability legally.
  • We can suggest you tools to track your business mileage.
  • Guidance will be provided to separate the personal and business use for your equipment, vehicles, electronics and tools
  • We can manage your cash flows, revenue, and expenses.
  • Budget your project cost and sketch a threshold to maximize your income.
  • Prepare a project base quote with a reasonable profit margin by estimating the expenses and cost to complete the project.

It’s very important to organize your documents and papers, but it’s hard to do when your are focusing on business and client. We will provide you free secure portal to upload the copy of your receipts, invoice , letter and accounting records. We will provide you a phone app so it will become handy to keep everything in place.

You can focus on your work and let us handle your numbers !