Tax and Accounting services for Home Maintenance, Residential Cleaning, Pool Cleaning, Landscaping

Are you operating as maid, janitorial, custodial, or swimming pool maintenance service?

Then you should be collecting:

  • Sales and use tax, you must request a sales tax permit online.
  • Collect state tax, plus any local (city, county, special purpose district, or transit) taxes on the amount you bill for your service.

Some of the taxable services are cleaning home, office, building, business and swimming pool; Washing windows, floors, walls, and ceilings; Cleaning chimneys or air ducts; Replacing light bulbs or fuses; Picking up trash indoors or outdoors etc. You must collect taxes for the above-mentioned services from your client.

There is no tax on the charges of a self-employed person who provides traditional household services such as housekeeping, babysitting, or cooking. To be exempt from tax, the person must be an employee of the household and not act as a subcontractor for a third party, such as a maid service. But landscaping or pool cleaning services are done at a residential household by a self-employed individual are taxable as real property service.

Hiring a tax and accounting professional is the smartest move to stay organized and be compliant. We are experts in working with both new and established construction companies. Our accounting and tax services will help you in determining profitability and reducing expenses.

What can we do for you?

  • You can outsource your complete accounting responsibility to us.
  • We'll take care of your invoicing and payment receipt process.
  • Our services also include bookkeeping, payroll, payroll taxes, and self-employment taxes.
  • Job costing assistance
  • On time Tax preparation, planning and filing, Estimated your taxes in advance. Your tax bill will never be a surprise for you. We will make sure that you’re maximizing your deductions and minimize your tax liability legally.

It’s very important to organize your documents and papers, but it’s hard to do when you are focusing on business and client. We will provide you free secure portal to upload the copy of your receipts, invoice, letter and accounting records. We will provide you a phone app so it will become handy to keep everything in place.

You can focus on your work and let us handle your numbers!