Is your tax return is recently under examination and you received written notification of an adjustment the IRS is making to your tax return? You have the right to disagree and the right to appeal its decision. An IRS Tax Appeal is a common way to resolve disagreements you have with the IRS that relate to items you report on your return.

You have the right to question, You can appeal for following:

- IRS collection actions, such as liens, levies, seizures and installment-agreement terminations.

- Rejected offers in compromise to settle tax bills.

- Penalties and interest the IRS adds to your tax bill.

And more

You need expert representation on your side to fight for your rights! If you need to file an appeal with the IRS, let our team of enrolled agents help you settle your tax dispute.

While the IRS tax appeal process may take several months to complete, taxpayers may generally achieve significant savings on their tax bill.