Payroll Tax Administration

Do you have employees ? Then you are obligated to pay employment taxes. These employment taxes include Social Security and Medicare taxes, federal income tax withholding, and federal unemployment (FUTA) tax. In all states, businesses must pay state workers’ compensation insurance and unemployment insurance taxes.

Payroll taxes are complicated. It difficult and time consuming to keep up with payroll tax rates, accurately calculate liabilities, and making timely payments. Minor mistakes can result in costly fines and tax backlogs. why handle it yourself? It’s a complex tax process its always better to outsource the payroll process to professionals.

With ATC Payroll Services , you don’t have to worry about calculation and periodical filing. Our payroll services  is full payroll service which include payroll tax administration. Once you outsource your payroll to us we will calculate, pay, and file your payroll taxes with the appropriate agencies,

If you request we will quote you for work compensation Insurance too.

We will save your time and helping reduce the risk of penalties for late or inaccurate payments and cost.